Driving is the talent that you must develop. It is an art that you should learn from professionals. We offer the cheapest driving lessons to all the students. Our driving school provides driving lessons for more than 10 years. There is a major difference in learning driving lessons from a friend and our driving school. Our professional driving instructors will give you the information about the traffic rules, road signs, and other laws. You will surely become a more responsible driver after taking driving lessons from our school. We will teach you the ways to drive safely on every type of road.


  • How can i get free keys2drive lesson
    In order to become a proficient and sound driver, you should take up regular driving lessons along with focused learning. You should have the patience to learn all the rules and regulations of the road and have all the concentration while driving.
  • How many lessons do i need to pass my Practical Driving Test (PDA)?
    Yes, we have multiple packages with superb discounted prices. You can choose the one as per your requirements. You can connect with us for details on the prices and packages.
  • How is the driving lesson go for ?
    In order to make sure that you are learning as per the demands of the road, we conduct driving tests regularly. This will tell us how much you have learned and also you will get prepared for the license test.
  • Can i hire a driving school car for my Practical Driving Test?
    We are always focused on 100% learner’s satisfaction and make sure that whoever is coming to us for driving lessons should move out only after becoming a perfect driver.
  • Do you pick us from home, school or we have to come to you?
    There is no fixed quota for this. Each learner has a different ability and based on that we fix the days. It is better to first take a few sessions and then discuss it with your trainer to get a better idea.
  • Can you book my driving test?
  • Do you offer discount for students?
  • What is the best location for driving test?


  • How long a lesson does continue?
    It all depends on the day. If you are in a theoretical lesson, it might go for hours and the practical session is covered for approximately 60 minutes depending on what technique has to be learned on that day.
  • Are trainers experienced?
    All our driving instructors and trained and have 10+ years of experience in driving.
  • What training techniques do you entertain?
    Our training strategy is highly comprehensive. We use defensive driving techniques in order to make sure that you are comfortable to drive on any type of road and any weather conditions.
  • What are your prices?
    Our prices are highly affordable since we do not believe in making holes in your pocket. We have customized discount packages to choose from based on your requirements.


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