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How To Pass Hazard Perception Test

How To Pass Hazard Perception Test

Aren’t we all waiting to turn 17 so we could pick up our parents’ car keys and drive off Imagine the wind blowing in your face while you blast drake on the speakers Well, we know you...

5 Common Driving Mistake Of New Driver

Common Driving Mistakes Of New Drivers

Did you just get your P-Plate Are you a new driver It's highly likely that you unaware of some crucial road rules in Perth Having your own license or p-plate is great It's one of the...


What is keys2drive and how to get it?

If you are in Australia and don’t know how to drive properly, keys2drive is tailor-made for you It prepares beginner drivers mentally to become better at driving with a unique “find...

How to pass the PDA in the first attempt?

How to pass the PDA in the first attempt ?

The PDA, also known as Practical Driving Assessment, is a 35-minute driving test that determines a person's on-road driving abilities The test is taken by a designated assessor of the...

How Much are Driving Lessons in Perth?

Driving is in huge demand in cities like Perth Many people want to learn driving these days because of the costly and time taking public transport Generally, people think that it is more...

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