5 Common Driving Mistake Of New Driver

Common Driving Mistakes Of New Drivers

Did you just get your P-Plate? Are you a new driver? It’s highly likely that you unaware of some crucial road rules in Perth.

Having your own license or p-plate is great. It’s one of the first steps to freedom for youngsters. However, one simple mistake can lower your chances of getting a permanent driving license. You can be fined, too, for breaking traffic laws. Moreover, your nervousness and zero professional experience can affect your driving performance.

Remember, getting a P plate is not a piece of cake, especially when you are new to driving. There are some strict laws you have to follow. And even once you’ve got it, you have to be careful to not break any driving rules. So to save you from a mishap, here we have 5 common driving mistakes that you should absolutely steer away from!

1) Driving Alone

Distracted driving is one of the most noted causes of accidents in Australia. It can lead to critical situations even land you in a hospital. When you’re a new driver, the chances of getting distracted are even more because driving doesn’t become an instinct for you. A sudden thought can divert your focus away from the road.

Thus, driving with someone who is experienced would be a safe choice for you. If you are about to make any mistake, the supervisor sitting beside you can stop or correct you. And in case you get distracted, they can instantly make you aware. So even though a P-plate lets you drive unaccompanied, it’s crucial that you mostly drive with a supervisor in your initial days.

2) Driving in a Highly Populated Area

During the beginning and end of school time, one should not drive around schools. Students could be roaming anywhere on the road, and the probability of an accident is too high.

Avoid driving into peak hours to save yourself from accidents. In school or hospital zones, the vehicle’s speed needs to be maintained around 40km/h. So make sure you’re paying attention to this speed limit too.

3) Right-hand turns at intersections

This is dangerous because, at certain intersections, traffic lights aren’t present. This makes it hard to perform right-hand turns. It requires some advanced driving skills, such as measuring the approximate gap for the turn and estimating the time necessary to do so.

So when you’re just beginning to drive, avoid right-hand turn at intersections. And even as an experienced driver, take a right-hand turn as rarely as possible. That way, you’ll prevent risk.

4) Breaking the Speed Limit

If you are driving at more than the given speed limit in a region, you could attract fines and punishment. Some nervous newbie drivers have trouble learning to follow the speed limit.

While driving, the best thing you can practice is to be aware of your surroundings and road signs in general. There will often be a few making you aware of the prescribed speed limit. Generally, in Perth, the speed limit for the built-up area is 50 km/hr. The highest speed zone is 110. But as a new driver, stay well below the limit to be safe.

5. Not Practicing Reverse Parking

If you are going to participate in the driving test, the officer present can include reverse parking tests. Those who fail are not eligible for the P plate.

It will be better if you practice it beforehand. Even after you get your P-plate or your permanent license, it will help you a lot while parking your car.


Avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes to be safe on the road. A helpful way to learn the driving rules in Perth is to use the Drive Safe handbook by the Western Australian Government. Also, keep an eagle eye on observation checks and be aware of your surroundings while driving. Remember, safe driving doesn’t just save you from jail but also makes sure you don’t fall into an accident.



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