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Learn Driving From the Smart Team at Driving School in Maddington

Many people have a passion for driving and try to learn at a very young age. Driving skill is very necessary in the current times. If you are running late for the office or party, you can take your car by learning to drive. It also saves time and you can reach anywhere at the right time.

We provide professional driving lessons in Maddington for a decade and more. Many students in the city have passed their driving tests on the first attempt after attending our driving school.

Licensed and Experienced Driving Staff

We hire competent and skilled driving instructors at Sumit Driving Academy. They are licensed driving professionals and train every student efficiently. Our driving staff also knows every road properly and trains students to drive on every type of road. They have a friendly nature and teach every driving rule to the students.

How does Our Driving Staff Help You?

Taking driving lessons from Sumit Driving Academy will make you a responsible driver within a few weeks. Our driving instructors will help you in the following ways:

  •   Driving Laws and Rules

Learning driving rules is the first step to become a good driver. Attending our driving school will give you full knowledge about the new rules of driving. Our talented driving instructor in Maddington knows all the latest laws and regulations related to driving.

  •   Safety

If you want to become a good driver, you must know how to protect yourself from other drivers. Our professional driving team will teach you to drive on any kind of road. They also give you proper training to drive safely during night time.

  •   Traffic Signs and Symbols

It is also necessary for a driver to follow all the traffic signals otherwise it can lead to heavy fines. We provide the charts and papers of road signs to all the students. They can drive safely on the road by following all the traffic signals.

  •   Test Drive

The students who attend our school receive a free test drive after giving fees. We also give a brief note on the driving skill and some tips for good driving to the student.


Online Booking of Driving Lessons

Sumit Driving Academy in Maddington offers online booking or phone booking of driving lessons.

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