How Much are Driving Lessons in Perth?

Driving is in huge demand in cities like Perth. Many people want to learn driving these days because of the costly and time taking public transport. Generally, people think that it is more affordable to take driving lessons from any known person than joining a driving school. But these days, many driving schools offer cost-effective driving packages to the students.


There are different rates of different driving schools in Perth. This blog will help you to get the most affordable driving lessons in Perth by taking a few things in mind.

Why is Taking Professional Driving Lessons a More Beneficial Decision?

You can learn driving from anyone but professional guidance is very beneficial for the long term. It is because of the following reasons:

Professional TrainingAnything learned from professionals remains forever. Students who learn driving from professional driving instructors can gain deep knowledge about driving. They can learn how to control speed and use car functions efficiently. Apart from that, they can also learn new rules relating to driving and other regulations.

Rules of SafetyA friend or neighbor can teach how to drive but now how to drive safely on the roads. You can learn how to avoid reckless drivers and save yourself and your vehicle from them. Besides, you can also learn road signals and different signs to drive safely on the busy streets.

Automatic and Manual Driving LessonsMost of the cars today have automatic functions. But a driver must know both manual and driving lessons. Driving instructors will offer training in automatic and manual vehicles. In this way, you can learn how to ride a car with both manual and automatic functions.

Regular Road Tests – Giving road tests will let you know how you perform on the roads. The driving school will conduct periodical road tests to see how the student performs on the road. They can also pass tests on the first attempt and obtain a license quickly.

Cost of Driving Lessons in Perth

The basic driving lessons cost about $60 in Perth. You can also learn about parking rules along with basic driving lessons. If you want to appear on the road test and learn advanced driving lessons, the total cost is about $150.

In most driving schools, you can get free Keys2Drive, and free lessons. These lessons will help you to gain a basic knowledge of driving. There are different packages for driving. You can either pay for one lesson or take the full driving package. Most of the students take the full driving packages because they are affordable in price.

How to Know the Cost of Driving Lessons?

It is very simple to get the prices of driving packages of different driving schools. All you need to do is fill an online form and write your details like name, address, and contact details. You will then receive free quotes from different driving schools in the city. It is easier to compare the various driving packages. 

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