How to find the best driving school in Perth?

How to find the best driving school in Perth ?

If you want to take up driving classes, your first task would be to find the best driving school in Perth. Taking driving lessons can be a time-consuming task. Hence, finding the right driving school where you can be at ease and take your classes is essential. 

Are you thinking, “How do I find the best driving instructor in Perth?” Keep reading to get the answers to your questions. Since there are various driving schools to choose from, here are a few essential tips that one can use to find the best driving school in Perth

1.Explore and see the reviews

Today, there are various ways to get reliable information. You can approach your family, neighbours, and friends who can give you some recommendations on which driving school is the best in your area. 

On the other hand, there is the Internet, where you can get many search results about the potential driving schools and read reviews from different sources. Make sure to check the social media platforms of the respective driving schools as well. 2.  Check that the driving school services your area

2.  Check that the driving school services area

Location plays a vital role here. You need to make sure that the school that you are looking for provides services in your area. This will save your time, money and energy that you would have to spend on your daily commute.

 3. Search the school’s specialisms

You can look for the area of expertise of the driving school on the website. Different institutes specialise in areas like heavy vehicle lessons, truck lessons, etc. Some driving schools also focus on automatic lessons or manual lessons. Depending on what kind of driving you want to learn, select the school where you want to get admitted. 

 4. Ask about the average pass rate of the school

To figure out your possibilities of passing the driving tests on the first attempt, enquire with your prospective driving school about their average pass rate. This will build your confidence to pass the driving test on the first try. 

5. Know the expense of the driving lessons 

Cost is a crucial factor in choosing a driving school. Nonetheless, don’t merely select the one that has the cheapest rates as it would be a wrong strategy.

The right way to approach it is to choose a school that has a good reputation and, at the same time, offers reasonable rates. 

Are you wondering about how much driving lessons are in Perth?  Driving lessons in Perth cost from $60 to $70 per hour on an average. 

And every learner driver is different learning pace, so book one Driving lesson before paying for a bundle/package and take advice from your instructor and choose a bundle of lessons accordingly.

 6. Know the duration of the driving lessons

While selecting your driving school, make sure to consider the duration of every driving lesson. It is crucial to find a school that matches your schedule. 

How many lessons should it take to learn to drive? The reply to this question depends widely on individuals. However, 40 hours of instruction is considered to be the minimum.


Feel free to share your fears, if any, with the driving instructor. Make sure to ask questions and clarify your doubts in every lesson. After finishing your course, you will be confident enough to take the driving test.

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