How to pass the PDA in the first attempt?

How to pass the PDA in the first attempt ?

The PDA, also known as Practical Driving Assessment, is a 35-minute driving test that determines a person’s on-road driving abilities. The test is taken by a designated assessor of the Department of Transport, Western Australia. This assessment checks an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle, follow traffic rules, and response to hazards on the road. 

Did you know that according to studies, about 30% of the people who take the PDA successfully pass the test in their initial attempt. However, it isn’t impossible to do so. If you are looking for ways to pass the PDA in the first attempt, you’re in the right place. But firstly, you shouldn’t panic and instead relax, focus, and drive. 

What is the fastest way to pass your driving test? There isn’t any rule to pass your test on the first try, but focusing on eliminating mistakes and keeping yourself calm would prepare you better for the final day.  

What are the most common mistakes during the driving test?

  • When to signal –  Know the right time to signal. Giving a signal too early or doing it too late can be confusing to other people on the road. Also, make sure not to flip your indicator and rush off quickly. You should signal at least 5 seconds before leaving any space.
  • Do not ignore the blind spots – Many people fail to take note of the blind spots while changing lanes. This is another mistake that you should avoid doing. Always check your blind spots before you cross the road. 
  • Abide by the signsWe often come across people who refuse to stop even when the signal shows stop signs. Instead, they start to roll slowly down the road. Make sure to stop your car behind the line at a stop sign. This might seem to be a basic rule, but many people fail to follow it.
  • Right turns – Be sure when you decide to take your turns. Usually, while trying to turn right, learners tend to hesitate, and thus end up taking too long to take turns.

Things you should keep in mind before the test

  • PunctualityOn the day of the test, try to come before time so that you get some free time to adjust to the location. If you are late, you have to rush to take your test, which is not a great thing to do.
  • Calm your nervesIt is obvious for anybody to feel nervous, but you have to calm your nerves. Take a long breath, try to talk to the testing officer, and take your time. Consider this test like any other test that you have taken in your life.
  • Check before you leave You must bring your primary and secondary identification for your test like passport & bank card or learners permit.


With constant practice, you can gain expertise in driving. It will make things easier. Try to practice in different locations and different weather conditions. You can expect the weather to be dry and sunny, but there are no guarantees. Also, practicing in harsh weather conditions will boost your confidence. 



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