Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Test & Its Importance

Mock driving tests are made as a test before you actually appear in your main driving test. Appearing into the mock driving test would reduce the chances of failing the actual test for which you have been preparing for.

Once you are done with the formalities and the theoretical test, you will have to go through the final test which is practical. A lot of people tend to fail the final practical test and they have to redo it. So, why not appear in a mock driving test to check the ability of your understanding in a more realistic and practical way.

Here, we will talk about driving tests and their importance. We will also provide some remarkable reasons to appear in one of those tests. Let’s hop into the article, shall we?

What is a Mock Driving Test ?

A driving course has a lot of procedures and while training, you would get through all of them. You will reach a point where most of the stages would have been passed and you will need to appear in the final practical driving test.

Since you are a new learner, your instructor must not have the full assurance that you would be able to pass the test. No wonder a lot of people tend to fail. So, the instructor would ask you to go through a mock driving test in which everything will be explained exactly like the actual final test.

It is for the experience and preparation that we need to have because nobody likes to fail, right? You would be getting a proper gap between the mock test and the final test. This will help you work on the places where you were marked weak in your mock test. The instructor might ask you to take the test two or three weeks prior to the actual test, a remarkable time period to improve your driving.

Importance of Mock Driving Test

Mock driving tests are designed for new learners to help you get introduced to the methods and expertise you need to pass the test. You would get that amount of confidence, awareness and a lot of other information during the mock driving test that you will need in the final test.

It is always better to check your abilities once you have a driving test. One must be prepared from before and improve the quality of their skill before actually appearing on the test. It will not harm to look up to what is coming in the practical driving test like the format and the tactics, etc.

The invigilator asks question; they would try to check your ability and your skill, you eyesight and hearing quality, the way you are making turns, and how much do you pay attention to the traffic lights, if you are being inattentive or being hyper active while driving, and a lot of other factors to look up to. Isn’t it better to get to know all these?

The mock driving tests provide you a better view of how to drive a car in different areas of Australia. What rules you must follow if you are traveling interstate or are planning to go to outback areas. The tests make sure you know how to take care of yourself, your car, and others on the road. Traffic rules, reading signboards and learning roundabout rules for safety are all explained and learned during these practice tests.

What Happens In A Mock Driving Test ?

The mock driving test could take 40 minutes or more, depending on the instructor. We will talk about the question the instructor might ask to check the eligibility. Let’s hop in to that-

  • Identity / Logbook Check
    Remember to bring your learners permit and logbook if applicable. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure to bring them with you. If you are transferring your overseas license, you must bring your passport and secondary Identification like a bank card.
  • Roadworthy Vehicle check
    Your vehicle must be roadworthy. Your assessor will check the registration, break lights, indicators from outside. Then inside the vehicle , he will check if your car is clean enough from inside and also there’s no warning signs on dashboard. The examiner might ask you questions ‘tell me’ before you start driving. For example, “How would you check if the brakes are working before starting to drive?”. The ‘show me’ question could be like, “When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights?”.In case you get some questions wrong, that would be marked as a minor fault. So, not much to worry about, but do practice all these questions.
  • Driving Ability
    Your instructor would ask you to drive around the roads of your chosen test centre. You would definitely be familiar with this. They will make sure to incorporate a variety of road features and types, ranging from dual carriageways to multi-lane roundabouts to tricky one-way systems.

Your instructor might take you through the busy urban areas and the silent residential estates to ensure that you know the different traffic conditions which will test your skills.

Throughout the whole driving time, the examiner might ask you to pull over every so often testing your ability to park and move off safely and demonstrate a hill start or two. Your instructor will be monitoring your control of the vehicle, with both your steering and road positioning.

Final Verdict
We hope that this article would have helped you to understand the mock driving test and their importance. All this information would be enough to convince you to take the mock test from a driving school.
Happy Driving ! Be safe !


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