Sumit Driving Academy was first established locally in 2011. It has been a small family business promoting other small local businesses in the Perth Area. With over 9+ years experience in the driving school in a variety of associated professions, Sumit Driving Academy has been able to help those with above average difficulties in capturing the essence of driving safely.. By doing so we have managed through the word of mouth recommendations from these clients to keep our small business more than viable in times when bigger schools have seen a demise..

Driving Lessons Packages

  • $285 for 5x1hr Driving Lessons
  • $550 for 10x1hr Driving Lessons
  • $2750 for full logbook 50x1hr Driving Lessons
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Driving Lessons

  • $60 for Full 1 Hour Driving Lessons
  • $70 for 1 Hour Night Time Driving Lessons
  • $90 for 1.5 Hour Driving Lessons
  • $115 for 2 hours Double Lessons (Best Seller)
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Driving Test:

  • $100 for Car only for Driving Test (Includes 15 minutes warm up practice)
  • $150 for 1 hour Driving Lesson and Car for Driving Test (Meet at licensing Centre)
  • $180 for 1.5 hours Driving Lesson and Car for Driving Test (Includes pick up and drop off depending on your location and Test *)
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