What is keys2drive and how to get it?

If you are in Australia and don’t know how to drive properly, keys2drive is tailor-made for you. It prepares beginner drivers mentally to become better at driving with a unique “find your own way” approach. But what does that mean? And how can you get this wonderful sounding program? Let’s explore these and more below.

Many accidents occur every year because of distracted driving or over speeding. Youngsters drive more carelessly. This is why the Australian Government came up with the keys2drive program for new drivers or learners. After participating in this session, young driving learners are expected to observe road safety standards better. This way, they won’t be responsible for accidents.

What is keys2drive?


The Australian Automobile Association has introduced a free youth-based road safety program designed for amateur drivers. The program receives funding from the Australian Federal Government. An accredited professional instructor delivers lessons for improving driving skills.

The session goes for an hour, where learners gain knowledge on how to improve their driving. It also supplies materials and practical guidance to help you in becoming a good driver. Additionally, it accredits driving instructors and trains them to use safe techniques while teaching.

The most important part of the program is that learners are taught to find their own approach to becoming smart and safe drivers. Along with that, they are trained on various methods of practicing driving. The person who supervises the driving also becomes better at the supervision skill through this program.

At the end of the session, learner drivers receive enough idea of how to get the P-plate, a probationary driving identifier issued to new learners. Once someone acquires the P-plate, they have to drive for six months with the plate on their vehicle. Additionally, they can’t drive between 12AM and 5 AM, except in special cases. This plate is essential if you want to get a permanent driver’s license in Australia, and the keys2drive program can help you get it.

Who is eligible for a free keys2drive lesson?

You have to meet the following criteria for being part of keys2drive :
• Have an Australian Learners Permit, which you get by passing the road rules test.
• You shouldn’t have driven a car unaccompanied previously.
• Your supervisor needs to have an Open Australian License. This person can be a parent, relative, or older friend

Who is ineligible for a free driving lesson?

• You are not fit for the keys2drive program if you possess an international driving license and are thinking of upgrading it to an Australian license
• P-plate automatic driver license holders who want to replace it with a manual driver’s license are ineligible too.

How to get the lesson?


To get the lesson free of cost, you can follow these simple processes

  • Prior to registering for the lesson, keep your learner’s license number, mobile number, email, and supervisor’s contact and name handy.
  • After having the details ready, visit and click on the “Get your free lesson” button.
  • Enter the required details and when you’re done, hit the “Register” button.
  • Wait for the confirmation and then you are done registering.
  • Next, you will receive a text message with a free lesson ID number.
  • Look out for an accredited keys2drive driving instructor in your region. If you fail to find any, get in touch with an instructor or driving school. The list of all the qualified instructors will be sent to you via phone or email. Provide the ID number and book a daily time slot for yourself and your supervisor.
  • In case any problem occurs while attending the lesson, contact the instructor 24 hours in advance for rescheduling the lesson.
  • Don’t forget to take the learners permit and keys2driver ID number to your lesson. Supervisors must bring their driver’s license to the lesson

Final Words

The keys2drive program is a wonderful initiative to increase road safety awareness. Through this program, the Australian government has successfully reduced the naivete of new drivers and made their driving safer. If you, too, are looking to obtain a P-plate soon and wish to become a better driver altogether, enrol in this program today! Visit the website and register yourself to get started.

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